A Crazy Balkan Roadtrip: Part 4 – Montenegro

Post-Prizren in Kosovo, the next stop on the journey was Montenegro. I didn’t know much about the country, but had a recommendation to stay in Kotor, so that’s where we headed. Back at Prizren bus station (looking much less scary in the daylight), turns out it would take three separate bus journeys to get to Kotor. Well, getting there is half the fun! The first leg arrived in Ulcinj, then a bus to Bar, and then finally a bus to Kotor. All of the journeys were pretty short, and most of it was long the stunning coastline of Montenegro.Prizren to Kotor map

We arrived at Ulcinj first, a buzzing place with a stunning old town and some decent beaches. A strong first impression of a new country! After a quick lunch we headed back to the bus station for the next leg of our journey to Bar. We had a few hours to kill, so we found a bar in Bar, naturally, and had a couple of beers with a fellow traveller also heading to Kotor. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining, so we passed the time pleasantly before beginning the last leg of our journey.

Bay of Kotor known locally as Boka

The last hour or so along the coast to Kotor was breathtaking – small villages, boats, and water glistening in the evening sun. We got off the bus and were awed by the stunning Bay of Kotor – turquoise water, imposing cliffs, and rows of yachts. We followed the city walls to the main entrance gate. Wow – Kotor is like a smaller Dubrovnik, without the crowds. The city itself is stunning, with narrow streets and red tiled rooves.



We wandered about trying to find our hostel in the labyrinth. We eventually made it, and received the warmest welcome from our host. We were given a drink, some dinner, and an invitation to come and watch Montenegro playing England in the 2013 World Cup qualifier. After dinner we duly headed to a local pub to watch the match. The atmosphere was amazing, especially when Montenegro scored an equaliser and ended up drawing 1-1!!! We celebrated with the locals until the wee hours, and discovered the epic Bosnian ska band Dubioza Kolektiv and their dance floor filler “U.S.A.” with the epic lyrics  “I am from Bosnia,take me to America.” Give it a listen!

The next day we roused ourselves and went for a walk around the old city walls, which helped blow away the cobwebs. The walk takes a few hours, and gives stunning views of Kotor and the bay, with some steep climbs, and steep descents. But nothing too tough.

City walls, KotorCity walls, KotorCity walls and switchback Kotor

Heading back to Kotor, we walked around the bay, and had a delicious dinner, before getting ready for the next leg of our journey to Bosnia & Herzegovina via Dubrovnik. I didn’t get to see as much of Montenegro as I would have liked – it’s a country I definitely want to return to and see more of.

Bay of Kotor Boka


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